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Chiavari Seats

Timeless. Graceful. Stunning.

While dressing chairs with covers and tiebacks screams “Standard!” the Chiavari quietly whispers “extraordinary.”  

The timeless, classic aesthetic of the Chiavari Chair (sometimes spelt Chivari - pronounced shi-VAR-ee) adds sophistication and a distinct flair to any occasion making it perfect for your wedding and special event chair.

Chiavari Chairs are named after the Italian coastal city Chiavari. In 1807, a collection of Parisian chairs was brought to Chiavari craftsmen as models. One particularly renowned craftsman, Giuseppe Gaetano Descalzi, decided to improve the chairs’ design. In doing so, he created a uniquely beautiful chair that balances lightweight utility with solid elegance: the Chiavari Chair. Over Two hundred years after its creation, the Chiavari is now the standard in premium banqueting and events chairs.

House of Dotty is your spot for elegant, beautiful and excellently priced Chiavaris to complete and refine your special occasion. We have almost 1000 Chiavaris divided into 3 types that come complete with an array of attractive cushion colours to choose from and accentuate your decor: from the elegant White to other exciting colours like Cream/Light Yellow, Red, Olive Green, Purple and Black to complement your event’s theme and colour scheme!:-

  1. Classic White Chiavaris - Crisp, White, Refreshing. Our Brilliant White Aluminium Chiavari Chair is the most popular and a perfect choice for most wedding themes and colours.
  2. Antique Gold Chiavaris – Festive, Edgy, Timeless. These are also aluminium with a crisp finish and a rich gold color that is edgy,classic and modern that can transform any event venue into a beautiful and elegant atmosphere.
  3. Clear Dior Chiavaris (otherwise known as Fishback Chairs) – Fresh, Show Stopping, Designer. These are the newest "IT" chairs that bring out an ultra-element of luxury and style. They are the perfect addition to your wedding and special event elegance. Give us a call and we will be more than happy to help you get the look and feel you want for your special day! Guaranteeing the best quality and service in Nairobi and beyond, we invite you to check out our events any weekend of the year.

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